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BPW Member Profile – Maggie Reimer

Hello dear BPW community! We hope you are enjoying your summer and we can’t wait to reconnect in September, when our monthly meetings begin again. In the meantime, as promised, we are debuting out newest feature: the BPW Member Profile!

The first BPW Abbotsford member being profiled, and our guinea pig for this feature, is Maggie Reimer. Maggie has been a BPW member for 15 years, and has served on the executive for most of that time.

Maggie Reimer has been an active and devoted member of our community, however – as we are publishing this blog post, she is starting her second career: enjoying life with her family and traveling. And she deserves it! We can think of no better way to honor her commitment and hard work than by sharing this interview and her advice to ladies in the club and not only.


BPW Member Profile – MAGGIE REIMER

Investment Advisor & CFP, RBC Wealth Management Dominion Securities Inc.


BPW Member Profile - Maggie Reimer
How I got started in my line of work, and the best lesson I learned along the way. 

How I got started in my career goes back to my first job with the Royal Trust Company in Edmonton. I literally went door to door in downtown Edmonton asking if they had a job for me. Turns out – Royal Trust was looking for a clerk in their investment department… that was May 1970. I remained in the financial services industry for all of my career – 47 years. I retired from RBC Dominion Securities after 11 years and would do it all over again! The best lesson I learned along the way is to have faith in yourself and just go for it!

My greatest achievement and my biggest challenge so far.

My greatest achievement was being accepted and respected by not only my clients but my male counterparts. There are few women who become Investment Advisers in wealth management and we seem to have to work harder to prove ourselves. My biggest challenge would be trying to balance work and life style, especially with a child who was terminally ill. During the Global Financial Crisis, I ran from the hospital to my office for four months, back and forth, because I had a son to care for but I also had many, many clients who needed me to be there for them also. Oh! Not to mention my husband and my other two children.

Character traits one should have in order to be successful in my line of work.

First and foremost, you must be honest, be a person of high integrity and compassion. You need to listen to what your clients are telling you. You also need to be a good teacher and guidance counsellor.

A resource (book, website etc.) that helped me professionally.

I started increasing my knowledge by taking courses offered through the Institute of Canadian Bankers at UBC and SFU. I also took courses offered by the Canadian Securities Institute and the Canadian Financial Planning Standards Council. Additionally, there are yearly education credits required to maintain your accreditation in the Advisory role.

A person whose life and/or work I admire, and why.

There was no “one” person whose life I admire but there are many who influenced me.

My take on work/life balance.

Work and life style balance was always weighted to work. If I could have changed something in my career, it would have been to have learned to say “no” and go home on time!

Advice to a young person just deciding on what career they are going to pursue.

I have told many young people to follow their passion… find a job you are best suited for and become great at doing it.

How my best friend would describe me.

My best friend would say that I care too much for people and care too much for what people think of me. I take on too much and try to squeeze that one more thing into a day, which often causes me to be late. I am a “cup half full” type of person and I love my life and the people in it.

The title of the last book I read.

Because my job required me to read so much research, I read purely for enjoyment and the last book I read was The Patriots Club by Christopher Reich.

My favourite thing about BPW.

My favourite thing about BPW is that it gives me an opportunity to meet interesting people and increase my knowledge by listening to their stories.



BPW Abbotsford Membership Benefits

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Dear BPW community, today marks the first entry we make into our brand-new blog! We are beyond thrilled about the topics we have in store for you!
Since we are currently running a very special offer on our yearly membership, we are excited to begin our blogging adventures with a post about BPW Abbotsford membership benefits.

BPW Membership Benefits

BPW Abbotsford Membership Benefits

We want to help you succeed! In order to do this, we combine the advantages of the greater BPW International organization with a few opportunities that we created especially for our chapter members. Here they are:

Member pricing:

  • $10 reduction in the monthly lunch/dinner cost.
  • Member pricing when attending events at other chapters (i.e. Langley).
  • Special member pricing at member’s businesses.

Exposure for your business:

  • Advertise your business on the BPW website, newsletters and social media channels.
  • Promote your business in a 5-minute presentation at BPW lunches or dinners.
  • Display information about your business (flyers, brochures, business cards etc.) at the Member Table available at every BPW meeting.
  • Promote your events on the Event Calendar on the BPW Abbotsford website.

Develop your personal brand:

  • Network and build friendships with like-minded women.
  • Develop your leadership capabilities, self-confidence and networking skills in a supportive environment.
  • Meet and listen to inspirational guest speakers each month.
  • Learn more about issues affecting women, as well as about how you could help.
  • Connect with members of other BPW chapters in Canada and internationally.

Make a difference for women in our community

  • Help select two senior secondary school graduates to receive the annual BPW Abbotsford $1,000 bursaries.
  • Contribute your organizational and creative skills to organize the Woman of the Year gala every 2 years.
  • Apply your leadership skills to an Executive position and build closer relationships with the other women on the Executive.

Influence change globally

  • Attend BPW Provincial and National Conventions.
  • Contribute to the advocacy work that BPW members all over the globe lead.


  • Personalized plated name tag.
  • Special events hosted by the club in support of other organizations.
  • And… drum roll…

 The “BPW Member Profile” – our newest feature!

Every month, BPW Abbotsford will publish an interview with one of its members on this blog. The interview will highlight, among other things, the member’s achievements and any advice for women just beginning their professional journeys. The Member Profile blog post will be featured in the BPW Abbotsford monthly newsletter and on our social media channels.


Please contact us at bpwabbotsford@gmail.com if you have any questions about membership. We would love to tell you more about BPW Abbotsford and the wonderful women it brings together.

Thank you for reading our first blog post! We encourage comments, questions and suggestions and we hope to see you at our next meeting!




The BPW Abbotsford Executive.